Kodachrome Color Postcard Roadside Dog House Restaurant Seattle 1954 Nash 1957 Chevrolet 1953 Lincoln Cars

Bob Murray says “All roads lead to the Dog House” always eat well at 7th & Bell photo by Hal Kaminske Seattle Washington hand dated 1961 on back of postcard Matching Matchbook Cover

Famous Rodeo Star Alice Sisty Jumping over 1936 Cord Phaeton w/ Horses

Real Photo Postcard Souvenir circa 1940s Rodeo Circuit. Note dents on rear fender & no windshield on this classic car

1948 Plymouth Car in Blurry Motion under Washington State Line Sign

Note 1951 Ford in back & Spokane Portland Seattle Railway Signs on overpass. Any idea what the location is? Notice how the postwar Plymouths blurr together for 1946 to 1948

One Dirty Bird! Man & Pretty Girl in 1960 Red Ford Thunderbird

Vintage Color Snapshot Photograph of 1960 T-Bird Driven Hard & wearing roadside mud as Badge of Merit for Real American Sports Car

1935 Ford w/ Travel Trailer in Desert w/ Cactus

Hand Painted Photograph circa 1930s

Snapshot Photograph of Classic L29 Cord Car at Nelson’s Service Station Standard Oil & Gas Pumps

circa 1930-32 L-29 Cord Sedan note goodyear tire sign

Roadside Sioux Indian Trading Post Lincoln Highway Ogallala Nebraska

An Old Trimmed Postcard from Scrapbook circa early 1950s circa 1976