Unusual Vintage Photo Car Window View of 1946 Plymouth Taxi Cab in Action

Kodachrome Color Postcard Roadside Dog House Restaurant Seattle 1954 Nash 1957 Chevrolet 1953 Lincoln Cars

Bob Murray says “All roads lead to the Dog House” always eat well at 7th & Bell photo by Hal Kaminske Seattle Washington hand dated 1961 on back of postcard Matching Matchbook Cover

Famous Rodeo Star Alice Sisty Jumping over 1936 Cord Phaeton w/ Horses

Real Photo Postcard Souvenir circa 1940s Rodeo Circuit. Note dents on rear fender & no windshield on this classic car

1948 Plymouth Car in Blurry Motion under Washington State Line Sign

Note 1951 Ford in back & Spokane Portland Seattle Railway Signs on overpass. Any idea what the location is? Notice how the postwar Plymouths blurr together for 1946 to 1948

One Dirty Bird! Man & Pretty Girl in 1960 Red Ford Thunderbird

Vintage Color Snapshot Photograph of 1960 T-Bird Driven Hard & wearing roadside mud as Badge of Merit for Real American Sports Car

1935 Ford w/ Travel Trailer in Desert w/ Cactus

Hand Painted Photograph circa 1930s

Snapshot Photograph of Classic L29 Cord Car at Nelson’s Service Station Standard Oil & Gas Pumps

circa 1930-32 L-29 Cord Sedan note goodyear tire sign

Roadside Sioux Indian Trading Post Lincoln Highway Ogallala Nebraska

An Old Trimmed Postcard from Scrapbook circa early 1950s circa 1976

1950 Chrysler at Mount Rainier National Park Gateway Arch Sign Snapshot

Nte man on top of arch sign B67861