Vintage Snapshot Photo Entering Oregon at State Line via US Highway 99 Shield Sign

circa 1951 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery on Roadside

Kodachrome Color Postcard Roadside Dog House Restaurant Seattle 1954 Nash 1957 Chevrolet 1953 Lincoln Cars

Bob Murray says “All roads lead to the Dog House” always eat well at 7th & Bell photo by Hal Kaminske Seattle Washington hand dated 1961 on back of postcard Matching Matchbook Cover

1959 Pontiac Safari Wagon w/ Giant Twin Gail Outboard Motor Boat on Trailer

Vintage Snapshot Color Photograph of The “Baloo II” w/ Twin Gail Motors. Note on back states that they were swaped out for one Big Mercury as the Dual controls were murder docking. On way to Ottawa dated 1962

Unknown Mystery Speedster Giant Roadster Amateur Race Car Driver

Any Guess as to the Original Maker of this Brute? circa 1918 Missouri license plate & St Louis tag My first guess was Oldsmobile

Unusual Funny Man Thumbing his Nose by 1940 Chevrolet Car

The Luck of the Snapshot Artist is Key to any Success Achieved.

Snapshot Color Photo of Victorious Deer Hunting Man w/ 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon w/ Fresh Christmas Tree

on Kodak Paper dated December 1967

Roadside Sioux Indian Trading Post Lincoln Highway Ogallala Nebraska

An Old Trimmed Postcard from Scrapbook circa early 1950s circa 1976

1933 Chevrolet Snowmobile w/ Model A Ford Crawler Conversion

Note the Model A Ford Wheel on the rear of Snow Tracks K13785