Christmas Wishes from Fantastic L29 Cord & Friends

L29 Cord w/ Woodlites Greetings from Broomfield & Greeley

Snapshot Photograph of Classic L29 Cord Car at Nelson’s Service Station Standard Oil & Gas Pumps

circa 1930-32 L-29 Cord Sedan note goodyear tire sign

1920 Mercer Car in Giant Tree Stump Redwood Highway Pepperwood California S00546

Old Photo Postcad of Mc Carthy’s Drive Through Tree Stump near Pepperwood California circa 1920s

1917 Stutz Bearcat or Mercer Roadster S05357

1917 Montana License Plate

Note 1917 Montana License Plate on Spare Tires
Photos are stamped Billings Montana
Handwritten note on back “500 Miles from Home”